Why is the owner selling? How many previous owners?

ndso_dec13-enWhen you are purchasing a used car, you need to find out why the owner is selling the vehicle. If it is because it has a mechanical problem that is nearly impossible to fix, you should avoid buying the said vehicle. However, if they are selling for other reasons, it may be wise to evaluate the car before you decide to buy it. Keep in mind that there are some reasons why the owner is selling that should ring alarm bells.


Unable to maintain it

When the owner states they are unable to maintain it, it may mean two things; they cannot afford to or parts are unavailable. When parts are unavailable, it will mean you need to have them custom-made. Going to a part’s manufacturer can be very costly especially if you need to have the parts made from scratch. It is therefore prudent to ensure you know where you can get spear parts of the vehicle in the foreseeable future. If the company making the vehicle has shut down or gone out of business, avoid purchasing the said car.



An accident may cause the owner of a vehicle to sell it. Damage arising from a serious accident may cause the vehicle to perform at less than 100%. The previous owner may not feel comfortable using the vehicle any more. They may want to sell it in order to get a different make and model. If you are buying a second hand vehicle, you should ensure that it has minimal damage from an accident.  Something as simple as a fender-bender should not be cause for concern. However, serious accidents such as those that cause the vehicle o lie on its side or turn several times should be taken seriously.


Damage from natural causes

Sometimes, a vehicle owner may try selling their car due to damage from natural causes such as earthquakes, floods and extreme weather. For example, if the car had water damage due to flooding, the owner may decide to sell in a different region where flooding is non-existent or very rare. This way a potential buyer may not think of inspecting the vehicle for water damage. Make sure you check the car for any type of damage that may have resulted from flooding and other types of extreme weather.


Number of previous owners

The number of previous owns of a car is very important.  It can help you have an idea of the reliability of the car and how many hands the vehicle has passed. For instance, if the car has had five different owners in three years, it may mean the car has some serious issues that buyers find out only after they have owned it for some time. On the other hand, if it has had one or two owners during the same duration, it may mean the vehicle is reliable and affordable.


Always be cautious when you are purchasing a second hand car. Lack of warranty, being old and other factors may cost you more in the long run. Make sure the vehicle is inspected thoroughly by a professional before you make a decision.

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