Where can I get insurance for a classic car?

1460645346439_Classic-carA classic car may require a different type of insurance than a normal car. This is attributed to the fact that it is more of a high risk vehicle than any present day vehicle. If you have a classic car, there are several ways you can look for an insurance policy for it. Keep in mind that some insurance companies do not have polices that cover classic cars. As a result, you will have to do some research in order to get insurance for a classic car.


Current insurance company

The best place to start would be your current insurance company. The company that you use for your other vehicle, home insurance or any other type of policy should be the first place to start. Talk to your broker and find out if the company will be willing to offer coverage for your classic car. If you are lucky, they may be able to offer you a package that will suit your needs. Using one company for a couple of insurance polices will have some benefits such as reduced premiums.


Ask for referrals

If your present company is not able to offer you a policy for your classic car, ask them to give you a list of companies that offer the same. People in the insurance business know each other quite well. Your present company will know a few companies that will be able to offer you the service you require. Make a request to get a list emailed to you. Once you have the list, contact each company and make inquiries. Try to find the one with the best offer in terms of service and cost of the service.


Talk to family and friends

It is not hard to find some of your friends or family members own a classic car. Even if they do not, they may know someone who does. Talk to them and find out if they know a person who owns a classic car. It is likely that at least one or two of them will know someone. They can give you the contact details of the person or even make an introduction. You can then ask the person for details on classic car insurance they have as well as what is involved.


Go online

The last place you can look for classic car insurance is the internet. Start by going to forums and groups that talk about classic cars. Such areas will have a lot of information not only on classic car insurance, but also on other issues involving such cars. Enthusiasts on the sites will give you various options and how to go about insuring your car. At the same time, you may be able to get in touch with insurance brokers who visit such sites in a bid to get some business.


When you combine all these methods, you will come up with several options to choose from. Make sure you read each offer thoroughly and make comparisons before you make a decision.

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