Where can I find good unbiased information about all the new cars on the market today?

modified_car_forumFinding unbiased information about a car may be easy or hard depending on how you look at it. The first place you should avoid getting information about a car is any publication of the vehicle manufacturer. For example, if you want unbiased information on a ford Taurus model, the last place you should look for information is the site of the manufacturer, Ford.  The site will not provide you with all the information you need about their vehicle. They are likely to give only the benefits and sugar coat or avoid providing information on the disadvantages of the car. So where can you get the best unbiased information?


Reviewer sites

The first place to start would be the review sites for new cars. Review sites are managed and run by people who are car enthusiasts. They will make sure they get all the information about a vehicle before they start talking about it. This will include the cost of the car, when it will be available in the market as well as the advantages and disadvantages. Reviewers of vehicles normally do a comparison of one make and model of a car to another. This will help the consumer have an idea what they are talking about and which of the two models would be best for them.


Another advantage of getting information from reviewer sites is they will use layman’s language when explaining the features of a car. Not everyone is conversant with car jargon. Some people may not know what torque and horsepower means. With this in mind, reviewer sites make comparisons and use very simple language. At the end of the day, the reader will have an idea what is being talked about and they can have an idea of what the car is all about.


Car forums

Car forums are another great source for unbiased information on a new model of a car. On such sites, people will talk about everything from engine performance, interior space and colors used on the car. The good thing about such a site is the in depth knowledge that you can get about a single make and model of a car. For example, you may find they will discuss a vehicle’s wheel base and how it affects performance. The topics are available in a wide variety and they offer everything you need to know about any new model of a vehicle that is about or just has been released.


Test drives

One of the best options you can use to get information on the car is by going for a test drive by yourself. It will not only make sure you get a feel of the car, but you will be able to gauge the vehicle’s specification by yourself. You will be able to feel the car on the road and decide if you really want it. Things such as space and interior will be experienced rather than told. A test drive will tell you so much about the car that you would otherwise not have known from information from other sources.

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