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When is the best time to buy a new car? 

shutterstock_335320952It can really pay off to buy a new car at the right or best time. Buyers who catch dealers at the right time end up saving a lot of money. Conventional wisdom advises the best car buying time is towards or at the end of the year. It is the time dealers discount vehicles in a bid to meet their annual sales targets. It is a fact that buying at the end of the calendar year is smart. However, there is no guarantee that such sales will yield the best price on every model of vehicle. Secondly, not everyone can afford to wait. Fortunately, as a smart shopper there are options you can use.


Timing is everything

At the end of the day, everyone wants to head home, including fiancé and sales professionals. A smart salesperson will not let you, as a potential buyer go because the dealership wants to close shop and head home. Shoppers for new cars can often negotiate strong deals just before car retail shops close down, as long as they ensure they convince the salesperson they are serious buyers.  Staying late to complete a deal will not affect the decisions for people to go home.


The dealer therefore has to make concessions to finish the negotiations as soon as possible. Obviously the shoppers will be ready to go home and they will feel tired. To prevent the plan from backfiring, make sure you are raid to hand in there for a very long time and you are well-rested if you decide to go with this strategy.


In season

Another smart time to purchase a new car is early fall or late summer. This is the time when new models are rolling out of dealer’s inventories. For example, you may get a good deal on a 2015 model provided a 2016 model is already in the lot. In some cases, some dealers may even have models in stock for the two three previous years back. Some may have vehicles dating back to 2012 or earlier, though it is a rare occasion.


On the other hand shoppers who demand newest models are likely to pay an amount that is close to the sticker price or manufacturer’s recommended retail price. In the case of redesigned or all-new models in high demand, the dealers may request for more than the recommended retail price. It is not easy to get the best price together with the latest model.


Purchasing a vehicle at the end of the year remains the best strategy due to the fact that it follows the same logic as other buying techniques. It is also based on when the dealer will be most anxious to deal and negotiate. Unfortunately the purchasing window is small. Not all shoppers can afford to wait till then. It is therefore wise to hit the dealership when demand is low even though it is snowing or raining. You will have a higher likelihood to save compared to a shopper who negotiates when a dealer is busy closing sales.

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