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What does it mean to buy a certified pre-owned vehicle and how does that protect my purchase?

Ford-Certified-Pre-owned-cars-trucks-and-SUVs.-300x200A certified pre-owned vehicle can be described as a car that has been inspected. When a car is certified, it basically means that it has been vetted and found to be serviceable and good enough to run on the road. Certification is done by accredited organizations that are known to be trustworthy. A good example of such an organization is AAA. A vehicle that has been certified by this institution is a vehicle that is above average. So what does certification entail?



For certification to work, the engine h sot be running smoothly. Professionals check the engine for any defects that may cause trouble in the short run. This means they will have to check the combustion, how the oil is processed, if there any leakages and if the car starts normally. Once this is done, the vehicle is checked to see how well the engine performs. When it is running slow, moderately fast and when the gas pedal is floored. The responses the engine gives will determine whether it will be certified or not. If the problems it has are minor and can be fixed, the car will be certified only after the issues have been resolved.



The car’s body has to be inspected for defects. These may be caused by minor accidents or normal wear and tear. Defects on the body will be in the form of scratches or dents. Minor scratches and dents are not serious. However, if the car has had major body work done, it may be cause for concern. Experts will look at the amount of body work done and compare it to the level of workmanship that was used. If it was poorly done, the body work may have to be repeated.



The electrical parts of the car, also known as wiring, have to be checked to determine how well the car functions electrically. Symptoms of poor wiring include the car failing to start, the lights going on even when their respective switches are off, failure to engage electric items such as power windows, central door locking and lights and so forth. A certified pre-owned vehicle will have passed all tests relating to the electrical system and related systems. The car will be able to start without a hitch and all its electrical operations will work effectively.


Wheels and related parts

When you are buying a used car, it is not rare to find the tires will need replacement soon. At the same time, other parts such as the brake pads and disks, CV joints and propellers will also need to be replaced. A certified pre-owned vehicle does not have any of these issues. It will have undergone a thorough check of such areas. Any found with problems will be fixed or replaced depending on the needs of the area. This means that buying such a vehicle is not only a wise decision, but your purchase will be guaranteed to last for some time.

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