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What are the best options to buy for a new car?

540_293_resize_20130901_79ec3d9d05a68f6f9c43333e2eff1749_jpgPeople will find it easier to buy cars as a result of sizable automaker and government incentives, the need for car makers to move metal and a tightening credit market. A buyer whether purchasing on credit or with money can easily make a deal to buy a car. However, they will need some tips to walk away with the best deal. Some of the best tips are:

Bargain over the internet

Even though you have to show up to test drive a car, you will have to negotiate financing and negotiate price via internet. Some car sales companies allow you to have the vehicle delivered to a location of your choice and sign the paperwork there. You will save three ways when you bargain over the internet.

Most salespeople are paid on a salary basis and get bonuses on volume instead on commissions. Since this is done on sales prices, they are motivated to offer you the best price to sell cars. On average, the savings you can make by bargaining over the internet range between $1,000 and $2,000.

Secondly, you will not be obligated to go to the dreaded insurance and finance office. At this office is where buyers can come across extra fees and add-ons which may threaten the great deal they made in the showroom or over the internet. Lastly, you can negotiate and shop at times that are most convenient for you.   

Pit dealers against each other

The point here is to start a bidding war to your benefit. Once you decide on the model and make you want, contact a number of dealers using the internet. Tell them when you want and what you want to buy, then request for their best price. Be very clear on what should be included in the price. If you want to see how low they can go, email at least 10 different dealers. Once you get a response from all ten, the lowest quote you get is the lowest possible in the market.


Before you start car shopping, get pre-approved for your auto loan. Apply to several credit unions and banks to determine who can offer you the best terms and rate. All the applications should be kept within a two week period as all loan applications will count as a single inquiry. 

Once you select a lender, the preapproval will be good for about two months. This should give you sufficient time to select your car and close the deal. 

Start by negotiating the price of the vehicle

This days car deals are made up of a lot of moving parts. Some of them include the incentives, financing rate, credit for the trade-in and price of the car. It is wise to keep the different transactions separate in your mind.  Even though it is a challenge, you should not avoid doing so. These options will assist you purchase the car that you desire at a price that is affordable.

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