How do I go about restoring a classic car?

1460645222577_Classic-carA few simple steps are required when you are learning how to restore a classic car. However, implementing them will take budgeting and time. Time is a crucial factor in car restoration projects since it may take more than 1,000 hours to restore a classic car. You will need many parts which will be a challenge to find and may cost a significant amount of money. All the same, you can accomplish the task with a tight budget.


Finding your car

Obviously you need a car to restore. You can minimize the amount of money and work involved by finding a vehicle that has been partially restored. Alternatively you can get a project that someone did not finish. Keep in mind that you may have to pay more for such an option.


The other option would be scouting around for a project that needs a lot of work, but won’t cost you a lot on an initial basis. Talk to other car enthusiasts who may have a potential project. This can be done by checking online ads and looking at classic car websites. Never be in a hurry to make a decision. The more work you have to do the longer it will take and the more money you will spend on parts.


Finding parts

When you are restoring a classic car you will need a number or replacement parts. If you get lucky, you can salvage some parts in the engine and on the car. All the same there will be a number of parts that you still need to purchase. Start by contacting car salvage centers in your region to find out if they have a similar vehicle. If they do have one, find out the parts available. Check online classic car websites to see if there is a person who is parting out the same type of car. It can be a good source of affordable parts. It is easy to find a variety of cheap parts online. The best places to check include car collector groups where members offer parts for a price.


Restoring the car

Doing the work yourself is the best way to restore a classic car especially on a budget. You will need a place to work such as a garage. You will also need some experience, the owner’s manual and a range of auto tools. If you lack in experience, consult with enthusiasts or friends who have experience restoring a classic car.


Do as much body work as you can. The amount of work to be done will depend on the car’s condition, but some cosmetic work will also be involved. Keep some money aside for finishing the car with a professional paint job. Priming the vehicle by yourself will save you on paint costs. Expect to spend at least nine months for the restoration process. Never rush the project. Take time to find the most affordable sources and do most of the work on your own if you want to ensure the project is done with minimal expenses.

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