Are SUV’s as safe as other cars?

1460646282804_suvThere are many sites that have talked a lot about safety. A simple Google search can uncover a lot of information about the safety features and crash ratings of every type of vehicle on the road. What most people look at are SUVs and Sedans. This is because they are the most common vehicles you can come across at any time when you are on the road. If you are not driving one, you are likely to have one or the other behind or in front of you. So are SUVs safer than or as safe as other cars?


Science says

We all know SUVs are heavier and larger than sedans. What does this really mean in terms of safety? Scientifically heavier and bigger objects usually transfer more energy to lighter and smaller ones. This is why a baseball bat sends a baseball flying instead of bouncing off it. The same principle will apply in vehicles. The difference is that the baseball bat will be an SUV while the baseball is a sedan vehicle. Such a comparison might not be entirely accurate since vehicles are hollow containers unlike bats and balls. However, the basic principle applies.


Therefore, when a sedan collides with an SUV the visual will look something similar to a baseball bat hitting a can of soda. The bat will move the can after crushing it. That is why in any collision between a sedan and an SUV, the passengers and driver in the SUV are four to seven times more likely to walk away than the driver and passengers of the sedan.


The story will change when the crash involves equally matched cars. Small smart cars have less inertia. When they both collide, there is a higher chance of both drivers walking away. The same cannot be said for SUV in a similar crash. Since they have more weight, they will transfer more energy in a crash. The odds of either occupants surviving are reduced.


Bottom line

According to experts SUVs are great for protecting children when compared to similarly proportioned, but lower and lighter minivans. SUVs have been described as some type of ‘armored personnel carriers’. It is a benefit since these cars are more likely to be involved in an accident compared to sedans. expert Jordan Perch reports that a recent study from University of Buffalo revealed that in a head-on collision between an SUV and a sedan, the sedan’s driver is eight times more likely to die than the SUV’s driver. On the other hand, Jordan says SUVs have a higher chance of rolling over than cars because of their high center of gravity. It is a crucial fact to consider because rollovers have a higher fatality rate when compared to other types of accidents.

Chief analyst at AutoWeb, Mike Haley, says it is always better to go for a newer car over an older model. Advancements in technology on safety help newer models avoid most common crashes due to driver distraction, blind spots or weather. Overall, SUVs are actually safer than sedans.

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